DavidMantanzasCubaDavid Fantin grew up in Connecticut and started playing baseball at the age of four. Although he has never been paid to play the game he loves, he has been coaching or playing for most of his life. He currently plays in the Houston Hardball League, an amateur baseball league (that’s baseball not softball) and travels throughout the U.S and the world, playing in tournaments and participating in goodwill missions.

Lots of places in the world love Baseball, but…

David has visited Cuba (5 times), Honduras, Ukraine, Hungary (played against  their National Team), Nicaragua, Panama, Italy, Austria, Africa and Czech Republic.  He is planning missions to Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Argentina, and more, over the months and years to come.

…People around the globe need your help!

In his journeys, he sees lots of children and adults who love the game of baseball, but cannot afford to buy the necessary equipment. David brings donated items from friends and people like you.

David, his wife Robin and her mom Marty founded this non-profit to provide and avenue for donated gently used and new equipment to individuals or organizations with a passion for baseball but little means.

David also has had some friends die from cancer and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and has seen the impact these ailments have financially on the families. He felt he had to do something about it…so a “union” of his passion and ways to help those in need occurred…

The trio decided to host special events, such as charity baseball games, to raise funds for an individual suffering from an illness to help with the family with medical bills or mounting living expenses.

Three ways you can help now:

Click here to learn more about how to donate equipment gently used or new.

Don’t have equipment and still want to help? It cost thousands of dollars for shipments of equipment around the U.S and the world.

Click here if you would like to donate money to defray shipping costs.

Want to help someone in financial stress due to an illness such as cancer or ALS? You can donate monetarily or even play.