Mexico Trip


orphanage mexicoOur friend John Boriack just returned from a successful goodwill mission to help an orphanage in the middle of nowhere in Mexico. Thanks to all who donated clothing, soccer equipment and monetary funds!!!

Here is a link to a short slideshow of photos:

Notice the last picture; baseball is now in Chiapas for the very first time…

Below is the summary of the trip written by John…Enjoy!


I returned home safely a few days ago from a very successful trip to Chiapas, Mexico. Thanks to all who helped make the trip to that beautiful country a success.

The two-week trip was divided into two sections. The first part was spent installing water filtration systems in remote jungle villages. We would drive into an outlying village, find a family that would allow us to sleep in their home, and stay with the villagers in their huts/houses while we installed filters in the area. Families who before had limited or no access to clean drinking water can now enjoy pure water, free of contaminants in their own kitchens. We also spent this time playing with, and ministering to, village children in the area, and we made some friends with kids that had seen very few foreigners before in their lives.

The second portion of the trip involved work at a local Christian orphanage. The parents their don’t have any big sponsors, and it is often a stretch to properly care for the 25+ children that they have opened their homes and their hearts too. We showed up the first day with many duffel bags full of new clothes, toys, and medical supplies for the kids, and it was like Christmas for them. There is something special about the smile on a 4-year-old orphan girl when someone hands her a new pair of sparkly-red princess shoes for the first time in her life. The first day was spent making friends, playing games, and loving on the kids; and they were eager to take pictures, sing songs, and show off their advanced soccer skills. The evening was spent playing a long game of baseball, courtesy of a ball and bat donated by David Fantin in his effort to spread the love of the game across the globe 🙂

The rest of the week was spent on construction. Their is a “cabin” on the property that the parents wanted to start using to house some of the older kids, but it was very poorly constructed, leaning far over, and was unsafe to sleep kids in. We used straps and come-alongs to straighten the building, then securely braced and supported the structure to make it safe and livable. We also finished out the inside and added wiring to provide lights and electrical outlets. The parents at the orphanage thanked us profusely for all our help, and said to convey their gratitude to everyone who helped to make the trip possible. hanks again to everyone for their prayers and support, it would not have been nearly as beneficial of a trip without all of you.


John Boriack